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Bon Vivant Gift Card

  • $160.00


  • "Had the most spectacular time!!! I have been wanting to come to Emily's cake decorating classes for a few months now because of friends who have went and loved it! Had the best time ever, the music was great, the snacks were amazing, most of all the cake decorating was so fun! I feel like I learned a lot during the class and can now use my knowledge on my own to try to recreate what we did! Highly recommend taking a class! I am looking forward to signing up for another class as well. Emily did a great job making sure everyone got their spotlight to show off their cake off and she is a great teacher !!! 10/10 experience and it worth every penny. I have added some photos here as well! I have 0 experience with cake decorating with any kind and I impressed myself in the end! Cake was delicious as well!!!"

    Taylor Smith

  • "I have taken multiple cake calsses on Bon Vivant & have LOVED all of them. It is the perfect mix between cake education & the best very exclusive party. I have gone with friends, solo, & with my husband. Everyone always has a great time. The drinks... amazing. The snacks... perfection. The entertainment factor... top notch. Your cake... even better than you could imagine. 😊 Can't wait until my next class. 💜💛💗"

    Katelyn Thompson

  • "I took the Vintage Cakes class and loved every minute of it. Emily and her team do a great job of making every aspect of class fun and fabulous. A glittery, delicious cocktail (or mocktail), unbelievably yummy snacks (including a salad that made me like kale, and a giardiniera focaccia so good it inspired me to bake my own the next weekend), the best bop-filled playlist, and really clear instruction. I have zero cake decorating experience, but Emily is a wonderful teacher who is there to help you every step of the way. Everyone in class went home with a stunning (+yummy) cake - it was really fun to see people transform from "I have no idea what I'm doing..." to "Holy cow - I made this!" over a few hours. Such a fun way to spend an afternoon doing something creative and learn a new skill."